Wednesday, May 4, 2011

fact about abortion

saja amek dari kertas kerja aku.

Facts About Abortion

Fact: In the United States it is legal to abort a baby up until the day of birth.

Fact: In a Partial Birth Abortion (D and X procedure) babies are "partially aborted" so the head is still in the cervix but the body is out. While in this position the live baby is still considered a "non-human" and has no protection under the law. The live baby’s brains are sucked out after being crushed by blunt instruments. Organs are harvested and sold to "researchers". The baby receives no anesthesia and is alive until killed by the doctor (Curtis, 2009).

Fact: Every day in America over 3,000 babies die painful deaths by suction abortion, dismemberment, being torn limb from limb, prostaglandin hormones and now by being brutally killed seconds before delivery (, 2010).

Fact: Abortion has two victims - the baby and the mother. Many women who have abortions suffer both physically and mentally. Depression, anxiety, grief, infection, sterility and even death can result from abortion.

Fact: Nearly all abortions are done for reasons of convenience, not for any medical or physical


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sapela yang sanggup amek ekspresi2 comel ni dari muka bumi ni.taubatla.

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