Monday, December 6, 2010

my choice

tjuk di atas di sebat dari mulut mawi dalam iklan power root beliau..sori ye mawi,pinjam dalam satu post aku je..

haip..sbb aku da teringat sesuatu yang cgu aku cakap masa sekolah rendah dan dengan murah hatinya aku g pos mende tu kat facebook smalam,kenala aku buat list yang agak panjang ni..

here goes nothing


(;´ Д`)

this are all that I can think of in less than 30 minutes. Maybe there are more *let me make it a secret for her to know.

The list are just for fun. I don’t believe that *she will make a full mark out of this. That why marriage are call marriage, U choose your partner but there are still some lack of understanding for both of you to make it through together.

She’s the one for me and im the one for her. When she gave me the chance to have her someday, take my words that I’ll immediately do that for you dear. And if not, please spare a little part of believe in me cause that means that I’m myself not ready to make you happy. A little more time would be important for me. And with that little time, I’ll try to change to be your knight in shining armor, ready to take the princess from the king’s hand himself. Believe me that I’ll try that hard for you dear. And thank you for that sumone who choose me cause i know i am not perfect in every way you wanted to be


jiwang seyh post ni..=___=


  1. ayat x leh blarr...
    still aku jeles...huahua..
    aku pn bole r weyh..lalala

  2. haha..bleh der..kna compete r nk wat ayat cenggini..nnti bleh tawan hati isteri lu..XDD