Sunday, May 9, 2010

a story on an island

once,there was a little girl who lived in an island..her parents have passed away n she got a sister tat is always busy wif her work-earning money for their living expenses..

the girl had no friends..all her classmates tried to stay away from her,some even teased her because of her odd conditions..

one day,as she walk on the seashore..she found a friend.from a friend it became two n then 3 friends..she had made a friend with a tin can named patrick,


a seashell named tom n


dill the coconut


she talked to her friends about her life n how her classmate had deserted her..

as she was getting comfortable.sumthing happened..a big wave striked the seashore n carried patrick,tom n dill to the sea..the little girl can only watched as they were carried away..too scared to take a leap into the sea n too afraid to turn her back on her friends,so she watched as her friends floated further n further away from the seashore..


the little girl was no frustrated..because she knew..she can always remember them when she missed them..holding to a piece of fragile memories with her friends..

double rindu sial kat sume kawan aku..

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