Sunday, May 16, 2010


i left it i left it,i told to it,”stay here coz this place will take care of you”.at first,it was hurt,bruised and was cut here and there..but i told it to bear with it for a while more..

in times..all the scars have faded started to felt comfortable with the place, so it said to me,”i want to stay here..i am being loved here..please let me stay”..i felt least i know i left it in good hands..

but now..i think it wanted to escape from tat place..

“many things happened”,it told was scared of all the chances of something will happen to doesn’t get the attention like it used to told me some entity have shown itself to hated the know the entity have its own agenda..i don’t know why but i believed now..i am scared of it getting hurt again..i hate it when it hurt..

so now..should i let it roam free like it used to be??

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