Friday, May 28, 2010




i got nothin to say really..juz felt like posting sumthin..

well,i juz got around juz a week more in tanah merah before i’m off to unisel,bukit pelangi condo n bla bla bla..cant wait to study..*WEIRDDDDD!!!!!!

thinking of revising sum stuff in admath,physic n i have to do chem tooo??!!

guess i have too..there r chem in chemical engine..=___=..

for the spm 10 candidates,do ur best..never give up..this is ur moment..make excellent resultssssss...juz promise u’ll get 9A+ for me k..easy as pie..pi in admath tat hard to find the 3.142 formula..thanks for the man who found it..i think he was archimedes..*think…hehe..


n for my little girl..i never forget the date..1st june will be the change of everything..gonna miss u..but tis is for the should be fine..juz leave it to fate..

dont wanna talk no nonsense anymore..




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