Wednesday, August 4, 2010

A day tat started with a plastic bag of duku n rambutan


a moment of finishin fizik report with a friend

from the way it is..u would be one of the best friend..MAT,timo kasih bg moktey n duku tu..bes weyh ade saem wat fizik ni..haha

a moment of spending time with two great friends

fi : sumtime this thing can happen..juz want u to know tat i’ll not supporting u from behind u but ill be by ur n always..ur r one of the best friend ive ever met..those 5 years with u..we shared sum bitter n sweet story..thanks fi..

cech : a little bit complicated but we managed to get through it..a not so close friend in elemantary school..a rival n best friend during spm..shared a heart after it..n now a special friend to share problem with..ur the greatest..sumtime i may seem like abandoning u in trouble,but im trying my solve it n to make u stand on ur own feet..BE STRONG KAYH..

now,i have many great friend and many best friend from all sort of place n background..may Allah bless u all n give His light to all of u n me..insyaAllah..amin

skema seyh post aku xde idea ni..but this post is from the bottom of my heart..may Allah protect our bros n sistas in pakistan..amin


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