Thursday, October 28, 2010

cara taylor

pernah putus cinta x?

mesti macam2 cara tuk kita lahirkan cara bengang kita kat partner kan?

vagi taylor swift yang memang polpular sebab kebanyakan lagunya diilhamkan dari lembaran hidupnya sendiri..cara beliau melahirkan rasa bengangnya kat john mayer ialah melalui lagu..

Dear John

Long were the nights

When the days once revolved around you

Counting my footsteps,

Prayin’ the floor won’t fall through, again

My mother accused me of losing my mind

But I swore I was fine

You paint me a blue sky and go back

And turn it to rain

And I lived in your chess game

But you changed the rules every day

Wonderin which version of you

I might get on the phone, tonight,

Well I stopped pickin’ up

And this song is to let you know why

Dear John,

I see it all now that you’re gone.

Don’t you think I was too young

To be messed with

The girl in the dress

Cried the whole way home

I shoulda known.

Well maybe it’s me

And my blind optimism to blame

Maybe its you and your sick need

To give love then take it away

And you’ll add my name

To your long list of traitors

Who don’t understand

And I’ll look back in regret

How I ignored when they said

Run as fast as you can

Dear John,

I see all it now that you’re gone

Don’t you think I was too young

To be messed with

The girl in the dress

sian sangat si john tu..well,taylor dah sangkut kat aku dah skang ni,so its ur lost

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