Tuesday, March 23, 2010

1st day exposed to doctor's real job


first time in my life going to the hospital without the reason pf seeing relatives or friends there..there were no sentence of my mom saying,"this is our relative that we are seeing,so deal with the boredom and all sort"..1st impressionupon meeting a group of doc-geez they are sure a bz species of human..like no one realiza bout it but me..huhu

getting to speak to them were the easy part excepting the interefering them while they r injecting people..heee

after introducing ourselves...then the real part of doc life were revealed to us...getting scold by ur superior including patient,getting on call in the middle of the nite,working for 72 hours straight,sleeping at hospital..etc..etc.."this is the real life of a doc",the doc said...*not as we imagine rite??-a group of people in a flashy white jacket checking everyone's heartbeat with their stetoscope(hope i got that thing rite)

getting into ward 28 and 29 were pretty boring..n i mean it..in ward 29 we get a tour from this Sister..she was nice with a jawa slang..sorry Sister..cant drop the jawa part at my post..its ur comercial value..hee

get to talk wif another doc there..gawd!!he was totemo3(very in japanese) shy..he talk very slowly..as he were whispering to us...huu

'A DOC'S JOB IS NOT BOUT THE MONEY OR THE TITLE DR..BEING A DOC DONT MAKE U RICH*u wish..IF U WANNA BE RICH,BE AN ECONOMIST..BLA3"..n came the on call part again..we are being braiwashed all over..huu

all of us were depressed after that..keeping a smile after that were a big pain in everyones ass..i mean..face..hehe

good thing we are already in hospital..a few ml of anaestatic n bottocks n making fake smiles were a mere probs..hee

off to mahsuri's everyone!!

entering the door...all sort of medicine smell were smelled..hehe

the 1st patient to be seen by me was this obaa san(granny in japanese)..all sort of wire were over her body n holes ..insyaAllah,she'll get better..

a few more 'window shopping' on the patients..trying hard not to touch all the gadget n wire there..*the hell,im curious ok...huu


a sister came n said,"ok everybody,now we are going to see some poking in the lung..good thing for you cause we're using syringe the size of ur finger..".n we was like."whaaa..ok"..

reaching the patients bed..the doc already preparing..the nose thingy wif gas were worned by the granny..in a few minutes,she was gone-to the dreamland i mean...hehe..

there was 2 female doc n 1 male doc..huu..the males r vanishing faster than i thought..XD

oddly,the two female was quite familiar..one had the eyes of my junior-i guesse that maybe they are related..the other one..hee

back to the story...there were flesh,blood,n tools like the one at sunat surg..*don laugh* everywhere..*im exagerating aint i??hehe

after making a hole at the granny's rib,the doc starts to poke it wif her finger as she was playing dough at that time..ngeee..XD

then,a little needle were injected at the spot n was left there..the fun part juz bout to come..the super duper big syringe were revealed n the doc was pushing like crazy to get it to the granny's lung...ergghhhh

the syringe in n water start flowing through the tube that were connected to the syringe..flows so fast it was...

.......finally,granny came back from tartarus(the underworld in greek's believing)

here come the touching part..the doc was trying to keep granny awake...tried really hard they were..*well,its their own fault for giving to much dose of the sleep gas,.haha

granny's eye were opened n she was like...what happened to me??*i guessed from the reaction she gave...no reaction on the tube that was coming out from her lung...huuu

the main point is,after the small surgery..seeing granny awake,i felt relieved..its nothing really but juz telling..i think i smile after that...hee

then the not so familiar doc get a call..n said sumthing about student...then ahmad syakir popped from her mouth n i was like-WHOAAA!!

she then surveyed my group,stop at me and stared really long..i think its long..huu..well,she shoul have figured it out,,,i was the only male in the group of 11 im in(donno if its good or not..)..ughh...why does it have to be an all girls group??everywhere i went..there are always girls..my family-i dont mind ny family..n since kindergarten..ive always been grouped into girls group..sheeshh..

after the doc had done wif everything,she introduced herself as one of my parents-one of the best thing having a parents as a teacher is that anybody can be their student..

after a few chit chat and im off..it was already 5 and i was tired as hell..got the doc's name..it was azlinawani..I THINK...haha

yada yada yada n i fell asleep in my aunts car..zzzZZZ

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